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Rest Days and the fear that this could become addictive

Sir Steve Redgrave was famously quoted after his record breaking Olympic triumph “I’ve had it.If anyone sees me near a boat, they can shoot me”. There is many a turbo session or long swim where I am dreading the thought of 12 hours plus slogging away. And we are 6 months away from the event.

When I saw that my plan last week contained 2 straight days of rest (Pilates doesn’t count), I was practically doing cartwheels. Well I would have done had I not been so damn knackered after 6 straight days of training. Endless laps in the pool boring turbo sessions, no more box sets just normal telly….But…

On waking, (after a considerable lie in, something I’ve not been able to do for years since the kids were born), the was the sudden craving, slight guilt and what can only be described as edginess. Cold Turkey had begun. Then the thought of no training for 48 hours. I was like recovering drug addict..How could a short swim hurt? 30 mins on the bike you know you want to..My alter ego was playing tricks. In the past this voice may have been encouraging the extra glass of wine (not at 10am I hasten to add) the dopamine receptors were demanding a very different fix.

I stayed strong, but the edginess remained – for day 1.By day 2 I had clearly gout used to the relaxation but ever so slight boredom. What did in a lunch hour before training began in earnest. Well, sadly social media and sports websites and sitting on my backside. Time just frittered.Now it seems I am looking for any spare opportunity to get a training session in.  Whilst this maybe understandable in the midst of training for a crazy event. The question occurs to me – what happens when it’s all over? Will going for a 10k run or 1 hour bike ride feel like liberation or will something else fill the void?

I can never be compared to to Sir Steve,his achievements are incredible, but I can kind of understand why he kept on going…the fear of what might replace it…



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