The Dark Days of Dread…..

No one actually told me that Ironman would inhabit my dreams. Normally a sound sleeper, with not much to worry about, I spent the last week worrying (needlessly having spoken to the coach and mentor)….This is supposed to be enjoyable and I guess I forgot my perspective. 

 So below I’ll share the concerns and, of course, the reasons to counter and embrace and enjoy this amazing journey.

My god – I will never finish, everyone else is training loads

Well of course everyone is an individual – if you have taken the right advice, training 12 hour a week with 6 months to go you are setting yourself up for injury or illness, where is the progression?

The bike – I am riding so slowly and I worry I’ll be like a toddler on a trike…

Don’t be an idiot…. Secondly,it is winter, you go slower, the roads are hideous…

These and many other insecurities bubbled up,but of course, if I use the rational part of my brain the below is true;

1) I have probably never been fitter

2) Why would I want peak performance 6 months before an event, Mo Farah does base training in winter. TO build endurance and stay injury free.I might not be Mo but I want both of those things….

3) I can only control what I do and nobody else….Thank god. If my daughter is reading this, I am assured by my coach that a) I won’t die and b) I will finish in a respectable time. Of course by then she will be 18 and will be allowed to buy me a celebratory beer….Although I probably won’t finish it…..

So thanks Coach…My learning focus on this process.Whatever happens – I will end up fitter,healthier and will have learnt lots on the way… goes to a relatively easy week 



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2 responses to “The Dark Days of Dread…..

  1. paul doyle

    “My god – I will never finish, everyone else is training loads”. That’s spot on Jon. For the love of God, give up now. 🙂

  2. Gill hull

    You would not be human if you did not have doubts. But believe in yourself and you will achieve a success even if you don’t finish, which I am sure you will.

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