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It’s not all toil and drudgery

The 6 month countdown begins to Copehagen. The days are getting a bit warmer and lighter and real training begins. All so far so normal. My previous blogs have explored my fears, worries and overall anxiety about the size of the challenge ahead…So a change of tack this week. Nearly all of this is one of the most positive experiences for many reasons (selfishly) and very funny.

Thankfully, I have supportive partner, why? Because if I was single there would’ve no hope of ever attracting a partner. The sheer monotony of my conversation, obsession with Heart Rates, distances my bike, my body etc….Donald Trump’s narcissism is amateur by comparison. Our need to sleep at least 8 hours a day does tend to quash romantic life….I was sharing a pizza recently with a fellow IronMan wannabe, whilst we were discussing the minutiae of transitions, interval training and average speeds on the bike, his girlfriend had finished Tolstoy’s War and Peace, in the original language. She is no linguist but the ennui drover her to fluency.

Joking aside, even if I could not compete in August for any reason,there are so many lessons to reflect on.Firstly, this is a good lesson in changing mindset.If you had asked me6 months if I couldfind5 or 6 hours a week to train (I am not including weekends here),I would have looked at you like you had arrived from Mars and told me that we have a reality TV star for President and that the most popular politician in England is female and Scottish;). In reality,  the shift isn’t radica a little focus, some forward planning and sticking to a plan – hardly rocket science but who said I was?

I am now fitter and healthier  than I have been for many a year.That includes running several marathons in the last 10 years. Cross training is really much better for you and I do just respect my body that little bit more – despite chocolate biscuits. I sleep well and generally eat the right things because I feel like it. Not some new age faddish diets, or ridiculous supplements or even inhalers, but freshly prepared home cooked food with plenty of fruit and veg.

I sleep better – no longer is a glass of wine the natural anaesthetic. I am properly tired, not exhausted just tired.

Would I evangelise about the experience and become all west coast evangelical about the experience? Of course not I am English first of all and this would be impolite. Secondly, I think we’ve had enough of Americans telling us how we need to live our lives. Not keen on that thanks. But all I will say is that change does not have to be radical.Small changes can make a real difference to fitness, health or anything. Overall, it is personal – therefore not something to be imposed on others

No wonder us English never make great evangelicals – far too self deprecating! Thanks for reading….


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The Dark Days of Dread…..

No one actually told me that Ironman would inhabit my dreams. Normally a sound sleeper, with not much to worry about, I spent the last week worrying (needlessly having spoken to the coach and mentor)….This is supposed to be enjoyable and I guess I forgot my perspective. 

 So below I’ll share the concerns and, of course, the reasons to counter and embrace and enjoy this amazing journey.

My god – I will never finish, everyone else is training loads

Well of course everyone is an individual – if you have taken the right advice, training 12 hour a week with 6 months to go you are setting yourself up for injury or illness, where is the progression?

The bike – I am riding so slowly and I worry I’ll be like a toddler on a trike…

Don’t be an idiot…. Secondly,it is winter, you go slower, the roads are hideous…

These and many other insecurities bubbled up,but of course, if I use the rational part of my brain the below is true;

1) I have probably never been fitter

2) Why would I want peak performance 6 months before an event, Mo Farah does base training in winter. TO build endurance and stay injury free.I might not be Mo but I want both of those things….

3) I can only control what I do and nobody else….Thank god. If my daughter is reading this, I am assured by my coach that a) I won’t die and b) I will finish in a respectable time. Of course by then she will be 18 and will be allowed to buy me a celebratory beer….Although I probably won’t finish it…..

So thanks Coach…My learning focus on this process.Whatever happens – I will end up fitter,healthier and will have learnt lots on the way… goes to a relatively easy week 


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