Winter nights/Mornings are they worth it?

A rainy Sunday evening in late January, 5 degrees. Today has already seen 90 mins on the turbo trainer and it’s double up day….what sane human being would venture out? All procrastination tactics have been deployed, tax return done, laundry done, shirts ironed, even prepared dinner ( healthy of course). Yet….a dogged 30 mins awaits.

It’s times like this that you read so called ‘ inspirational quotes’ do it for the charity blah, blah blah… I don’t wish to appear dismissive, but this type of event is ultimately self centred. I am a big supporter of the charity Kids Out, that I am raising money for but…this is really about the individual. Do I have the dedication, perseverance ( stupidity if you ask my kids) to take this on? So I venture out…

Having done a few marathons in the past, training for an Ironman teaches you something different. Patience – this really isn’t about beating the body and try not to squeeze a minute here or there. This is really about listening to your body and focus sing on the process. The aim is to ensure we arrive at the start line, healthy and fit so that you can finish in that condition. After all sweating about a few minutes over half a day or so seems pure madness. Also, the training can teach you humility. We all have one weaker discipline. This means we have to work carefully and learn new skills and change mindsets

I am now descending into new age hippy reflection. The training is potentially different for everyone but focus, discipline and humility are incredibly important. So I did make it out for that run. The initial positive was that I lost my frustration with HRMC, it meant my partner didn’t have a grumpy boyfriend on Sunday night. Equilibrium was restored.

If you think my blog was descending into sanctimoniousness  – sorry….However, just to put your mind at rest – I did have a glass of wine or two as reward….

Please comment or share and if you want to donate to a great charity , any donation is welcome


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