My Ironman Journey begin….

Whatever it is that has inspired our small group to do this, I don’t know but the hard work begins here….

Ironman Journey has begun so  rather thinking about buying a sports car or other such extravagance the hard yards start here. August 20th Copenhagen. Over the years I have completed a few marathons – but and Ironman……

So since New Year, instead of looking to sample the local ales on business trips, you find me scouring the local area for swimming pools and or running routes. So far averaging 6 hours of focussed training per week and Pilates. In equal measure excited and daunted. I am an ok runner and Swimmer but cycling…Well at least I don’t need stabilisers. This is a whole new world.

I am motivated by the economist – Tim Harford ( you listen to a lot of podcasts in indoor winter training sessions on the bike) that this type of disruptive nudge (messy he calls it) prompts us to change behaviour and improve. Since entering the event in August – I have become a bit more focussed, a bit better organised and certainly healthier. I sleep better and I do think a bit differently. My daughter is not convinced that a man of my age should be entering these events. (Thanks Izzi) but in for a penny in for a pound….

So to help me keep my eye on the prize I have decided to raise money for Kids Out. A great charity helping disadvantaged youngsters throughout the UK.

So rather than rattling a tin… would you be able to spare a few quid?








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2 responses to “My Ironman Journey begin….

  1. Great blog Jon and honest account of your iron man triathlon training, I am enjoying preparing your training plans and being part of your ironman journey. #ironmatemark #ironmatecoaching #iron #man #ironman #ironmantraining #coach #coaching #training #swim #bike #run

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