Uneducated Choices – The Young Vote

reason and passion from potential voters

Another Conscience

Why is it that only 20% of adults are in favour of reducing the voting age to 16? Is it because of our maturity, or due to the isolation experienced by young people from the complicated world of politics? In a society increasingly focused around social media and facade, our perceptions have become more and more based on visual snap judgements over reasoned opinion. Although new technology can be easily pinned as the scapegoat, it could in fact be our lack of education and exposure that is the true hinderance.

For most, the gut reaction towards the concept “Politics” is the immediate association of the stuffy man and the newspaper sat opposite on the train. However, in a manner well exploited by the ever popular Daily Mail and similar media sources, it is clear that information is needed to be made accessible and relateable for the young modern audience. New…

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