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Innovation in Resourcing, are we there yet?

I am not the first to point out that the last 20 years the delivery of recruitment has, has been transformed. The single reliance on agency delivery has been broken up by strong offering within the world’s of outsourcing and In House have forced HR departments and business operations to change (somewhat) the view of how recruitment is done.

In recent years social recruiting has made opportunities more transparent and accessible and despite the protests of the agency world this is here to stay. Networking always has been the best way to find jobs – social networks just make the world smaller. Is this enough? Whilst Social Media potentially improves attraction – most Recruitment functions, and agencies work from role to role, day to day. And this hasn’t shifted at all.

Innovation and productivity are at the heart of the success of any business. Toyota reinvented the way cars were built through the Lean System. Despite popular myth, this wasn’t done solely, to cut costs and  improve profits, but improve the customer experience e.g. make more reliable cars. It involved using data and input from the people on the production line. In the same way that Henry Ford had revolutionised manufacturing 80 years previously, this Japanese brand embraced data, process, and technology to transform the customer experience, and Toyota became the envy of the industry, outselling the americans in their backyard.

Resourcing now has an opportunity to become fundamental, rather than an afterthought when it comes to HR and business operations. 2 years ago Harvard Business Review published some research suggesting that Resourcing and L&D in most organisations deliver the biggest bang for buck, but are generally less well funded that other HR functions. The advantages, generally Resourcing (and L&D) have an overview of the business. Resourcing is in a privileged position of being able to see what goes on at a macro level. In addition, there is access to data and lots of it. Whether, this be from the internal systems, Google analytics, (website), and any advertising stats and candidate satisfaction. However, how many functions really tell this story? Isn’t it about time that resourcing functions weren’t just filled with operational recruiters? What about people who make sense of the data and begin to help us tell our story, help Resourcing become the function that revolutionises HR?

There are opportunities. Royal Holloway and Bedford (University of London) are providing Computer Sciences courses aimed at helping companies analyse so called ‘Big Data’. At a recent seminar I attended, there weren’t many HR representatives looking to fill the sandwich year (work experience) for their own departments. This is a golden opportunity – Imagine if we could correlate Employee Engagement data, Talent data and Resourcing data. This is a powerful mix that will bring us insight into how an employees or potential employees think act and feel. This can lift the Resourcing/Talent functions out of the transactional and into a different game.

What will it take? Well, what;s the saying? ‘A 1000 mile journey begins with a single step.’

Happy New Year!


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